Proud Farmers

All farmers registered on FarmDirect share a common value of taking pride in their produce. Farming is hard work and in most cases far away from people who consume their produce. Our goal is create a platform that allows farmers to share their story. This creates incentives for farmers to care for soils, treat their livestock ethically, and compensate their labour fairly.

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Famous Produce

Our goal is to create a platform that showcases the extra effort taken by farmers to produce quality food. Anonymous retail chains and commercial packaging hide the origin of our food takes away an incentive for farmers to invest in their own brand. All the produce listed on our store is produced by individual farms.

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Smart Consumers

We believe that consumers will choose to purchase quality food from farmers they know if they are given the opportunity to do so. Our goal is to give consumers insight into the origin of their food and how it was produced. Consumers can search for local farmers on our map to qualify for free delivery by certain farmers.

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